Vermont Children

How are our children faring? What challenges do they face that we didn’t? How can we better support their healthy development and psychological well-being?

  • Dannielle Dupoise: Children of Incarcerated Vermonters: How Can We Help? - Parental incarceration is a prominent issue not just nationwide but in the small state of Vermont, as well. Muller (2015) stated,  “In 2005, it was estimated that more than 2.5 million children in the U.S. had a parent in prison.” According to the Lamoille Restorative Center (2016), “On any given day, an estimated 2,000 Vermont children […]
  • Megan Irons: “Social-Emotional Learning at Lothrop School” - In Vermont schools today, educators strive to help students grow not just academically, but socially and emotionally, as well. To do this, school staff implement a social-emotional learning (SEL) framework, which promotes five keys skills: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making (PBiS Rewards, n.d.). At Lothrop Elementary and Middle Level School […]
  • Shastina Ann-Wallace: “Creating a Healthy Food Culture at Burlington Children’s Space” - There are great things happening with food, children, and their families at Burlington Children’s Space (BCS). Located in one of Vermont’s poorest neighborhoods, Burlington’s Old North End, BCS is Chittenden County’s only sliding-scale child care center. That means that their doors are open to a diverse array of Old North Enders and inclusivity is an […]
  • Richelle Lafayette: “Therapy Dogs for Vermont Kids” - Many of Vermont’s children suffer the impacts of severe illness, abuse, neglect, and physical and mental disabilities that bring difficult challenges to them each day. Relieving them of their pain and suffering is also a challenge, but there is one method currently proving its value and gaining attention from educational and medical facilities: Animal Assisted […]
  • Mandy Snyder: “The Gift of Calm: Mindfulness Education Offers Optimism for Vermont Children” - It’s a stressful moment right before a test, and second grader Michael walks up to his teacher and says, ‘I think you need a moment to breathe.’ Although surprising to hear from a 7-year- old, wisdom like this is a common occurrence for the students at JFK Elementary School in Winooski, Vermont, who have studied mindfulness skills […]
  • Janette Dumont: “Child Care Subsidy in Vermont” - A child care provider is no longer the “babysitter” who cares for children while parents work.  Instead a child care provider becomes most children’s first introduction to early education.  So what happens to the child whose parents simply cannot afford quality child care? How will these children be exposed to early experiences to enhance their […]
  • Malisha Flora: “Early Head Start Supports Vermont Children and Families” - The Early Head Start Program in Morrisville, Vermont, is a small but very important part of the community. “Head Start and Early Head Start are national child development programs which provide comprehensive development services for low-income children and social services for their families.” (Vermont Head Start Association, n.d.) The Early Head Start Program serves pregnant […]
  • Kayla Chabot: “Underneath It All: Children in Traditional and Nontraditional Families” - Most of us have seen shows like Happy Days and Leave it to Beaver. There they are on our television screens, the model American family, a mother and father with two children. The father goes to work and the mother stays home to care for the house and children. Nowadays, that family structure accounts for […]
  • Kimberly Myers: “Vermont Children of Incarcerated Parents: The Benefits of Connecting Children and Parents Through Reading” - The negative effects of having a parent incarcerated can be lessened for a child if they are able to maintain a connection with the parent. This can be extremely difficult. The costs of transportation to bring a child for a visit are often great. Scheduling can be difficult as well, it often takes a very […]
  • Sarah Carpenter: “Understanding Autism: One Family’s Journey” - Autism, what is it? We often hear it mentioned and spoken about through public service announcements, through books and movies, or through knowing someone personally affected by autism. I’m going to tell you one family’s story, how autism touched their lives, and how their local and state community helped them through it all. Autism, also […]
  • Tina Bills: “The Dangers for Children of Parental Alcohol Use” - Because alcohol is legal, its use is often overlooked as a serious problem. It’s easy to get. It’s highly accepted. It’s used for parties, celebrations, victories, times of sorrow and out of habit. The sad thing about alcohol is it very rarely affects just the drinker. In too many cases, the negative effects on children […]
  • Gail LaVaude: “Ready for Kindergarten!” - Each September children begin a new adventure by becoming ‘big kindergartners.’ These first steps into the school environment are a milestone in social and cognitive growth. For many five-year-olds, this step is met with confidence and excitement. For others, the first day of kindergarten may be overwhelming and filled with anxiety and dread. But what […]
  • Kelly Sefcik: “Vermont Students Deserve Better” - Best practice” for Vermont’s students would be to have every school’s faculty and staff appropriately trained to handle any student’s behavior problems in order to better assist that student academically. Whether that will ever come to fruition remains to be seen. It is not up to those who work closest with the students. So what’s […]
  • Allison Paquette: “Do Punishments Prevent Future Misbehavior in Our Elementary Students?” - When children misbehave, the first reaction of many adults is to punish, whether by taking away a privilege or an item or by imposing a task that is considered unpleasant. In elementary school, common punishments include time-outs, loss of recess, time spent in in-school suspension, extra schoolwork, and the forced writing of apology letters. Are […]